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Christmas Caving
Christmas seems like a good time to spend on improving your cave lights. Or, "improving" as it may be in my case. But I really like to the colours of the new lights :-)
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December 2020, Lohkarepuristimen luola, Kauniainen, Finland
Caving (Basic, Rock, Rock-Gneiss, Morphology-Boulders)

Grottan 3
The third issue of this year's Grottan -- Swedish Caver's Association's magazine -- came in mail today.
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November 2020, House Arkko, Kauniainen, Finland
Caving (None, Research, Media)

White wall
I recently watched the new mini-series "White Wall" on YLE Areena. This is a Finnish-Swedish production. The plot is about a mine being converted to store nuclear waste... until they hit something strange.
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November 2020, House Arkko, Kauniainen, Finland
Caving (None, Media); Sauna (None, Media)

Strange rock
Tero and I were on a trip... while caving was not the main purpose of the trip, as usual I also wanted visit a cave. A promising-looking hole at the Pyhä ski area turned out to not be a human-sized hole. But while returning to the airport in Rovaniemi, we drove south of the city to look at Tapulikallion onkalot (Tapulicliff holes). We founded a very weird, large boulder.
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November 2020, Tapulikallion onkalot, Rovaniemi, Finland
Caving (Rock, Basic, Rock-Other, Morphology-Boulders, Morphology-Weathering)

Dogs and caves in Löpärö
Jouni had organized a tour of the Löpärö island in Sipoo for us, including the local guide Jukka showing is the cave locations. I think all of us were expecting a nice walk but pretty small caves. But were were really impressed by what we found! Just take a look at these photos by Jarmo Ruuth! (Also some by Jari or Elena.)
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November 2020, Dyviksbergenin luola, Löpärö, Sipoo, Finland; Dyviksbergenin luola 1, Löpärö, Sipoo, Finland; Långbergetin lohkareluola, Löpärö, Sipoo, Finland; Långbergetin lohkareluolan sivuhuone, Löpärö, Sipoo, Finland; Långbergetin toinen lohkareluola, Löpärö, Sipoo, Finland
Caving (Basic, Rock, Rock-Gneiss, Morphology-Crack); Caving (Basic, Rock); Caving (Basic, Rock, Rock-Gneiss, Morphology-Boulders, Morphology-Crack)

Laukkakoski cave
Nice cave, but I had to reverse my car out of the road that led to it. No way to turn around, and road got impassable after a while.
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November 2020, Laukkosken luolakallion onkalot, Pornainen, Finland
Caving (Basic, Rock, Rock-Gneiss, Morphology-Crack)

Looking for the Urtvuori cave
I spent at least an hour trying to find the cave, despite a tag on the Google Maps from someone, as well as coordinates from the book of Finnish caves. It turned out that the cave can be entered from the middle of the sloping rock face, in the cracks that have opened in it. But what a wonderful cave there was!
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October 2020, Urtvuoren luola, Sammatti, Finland; Urtvuoren kalteva rakoluola, Sammatti, Finland; Urtvuoren lippaluola, Sammatti, Finland
Caving (Basic, Rock, Rock-Granite, Morphology-Crack, Morphology-Boulders); Caving (Basic, Rock, Rock-Granite, Morphology-Crack)

Ramunder's stone
Right in the middle of Tammisaari there's a classic "stone table", Ramunderinkiven onkalo (The Hole of the Ramunder's stone). Stone tables are stone formations where a rock sits on other stones. Ramunder is the strong man of old tales, and the story is that he threw a large boulder to crush some giants, giants that are now the stones holding up the boulder.
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October 2020, Ramunderinkiven onkalo, Tammisaari, Finland
Caving (Basic, Rock, Rock-Gneiss, Morphology-Boulders)

Nice basement
The book Finnish Caves (Suomen Luolat) lists several caves in Perniö. I had already been in the 'Hiidenkellari' (Devil's basement), but since I needed to drive through Perniö today on my visit to Tero's summer cottage, I wanted to visit more of the caves. I chose 'Antinmäen Hohteen kellari ja paja' (The basement and workshop at the Antinmäki shine).
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October 2020, Antinmäen Hohteen kellari ja paja, Perniö, Finland
Caving (Basic, Rock, Rock-Granite, Morphology-Crack, Morphology-Boulders)

I got a tip from Johan at work about an interesting book, one that deals with underground wonders. The book is Underland by Robert MacFarlane. I don't really know yet what's inside, but there was a recommendation in New York Times, that can't be bad :-)
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September 2020, House Arkko, Kauniainen, Finland
Caving (None, Media)

Limpan's caves
An evening outing to a promised 30+ meter cave. Turns out there are three, with the biggest one 45 meters. Roof caves, so not so cave like, dark holes. But rock above your head nevertheless. Also, deer flies. Oh how I love deer flies in my hair.
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August 2020, Limpanin lippaluola 1, Siuntio, Finland; Limpanin lippaluola 2, Siuntio, Finland; Limpanin iso lippaluola, Siuntio, Finland
Caving (Rock, Basic, Rock-Granite, Morphology-Crack)

Hyypiänmäki massive roof cave
With the new cave map service that we've been building with Ralf, I was able to make more sensible searches for known caves. In the cave map I can select the length of cave, for instance, and look for the bigger ones (albeit all Finnish caves are small). It turned out that there's supposed to be a 50-meter roof cave in Hyypiänmäki, near Klaukkala.
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August 2020, Hyypiänmäen lippaluola, Nurmijärvi, Finland; Hyypiänmäen pieni lippaluolanen 1, Nurmijärvi, Finland; Hyypiänmäen pieni lippaluolanen 2, Nurmijärvi, Finland
Caving (Rock, Rock-Granite, Basic)

3 times 3 roof caves
I recently visited three nearby places that had been listed as having large roof caves (by Finnish standards). And they did indeed deliver on that promise! In addition, I found that the three actually had three roof caves each. Nine cave visits on three trips :-)
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August 2020, Limpanin iso lippaluola, Siuntio, Finland; Siitoonmäen lippaluola, Nummi-Pusula, Finland; Siitoonmäen lippaluolan sivuluola 1, Nummi-Pusula, Finland; Siitoonmäen lippaluolan sivuluola 2, Nummi-Pusula, Finland; Hyypiänmäen lippaluola, Nurmijärvi, Finland
Caving (Rock, Basic, Rock-Granite, Surveying)

Roof caves on Isonniitunmäki
Jarmo went further on our search in Vihti, and found some small roof caves.
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August 2020, Lippaluolanen 1, Isonniitunmäki, Vihti, Finland
Caving (Rock, Rock-Granite, Morphology-Crack)

Inside the blown up central nazi navy command bunker. Alone.
Need some excitement? Maybe crawling inside a blown-up bunker in the middle of dark forest would help. Hope the Nazi command is no longer on site... and that the ammunition laying in the ground isn't dangerous.
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August 2020, Lager Koralle, Wandlitz, Germany
Urban-Exploration (Bunkers, Military); Caving (Man-Made)

Hiidenkellari. Rare Karst in Finland.
Such beautiful pure calcite in the ceiling and floor. And cut so exact, as if by man... but it is the works of chemistry and water.
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August 2020, Hiidenkellari, Vihti, Finland; Kololuolanen 1, Isonniitunmäki, Vihti, Finland; Kololuolanen 2, Isonniitunmäki, Vihti, Finland; Hylätty kellari, Isonniitunmäki, Vihti, Finland
Caving (Rock, Basic, Rock-Limestone, Morphology-Karst); Caving (Rock, Basic, Rock-Granite, Morphology-Boulders); Urban-Exploration (Buildings, Ruins)

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