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Underground Skiing
Does anyone remember the arcade game where you stood on skis? I loved that game, and one of the interesting tracks in the game goes through a cave. Ever since playing the game I have wanted to experience skiing underground. This week I was visiting Alpe d'Huez, France, and my wish was fulfilled. The "Le Tunnel" slope begins with a 200 meter tunnel through the mountain. And then continues as the most difficult black run the ski area has to offer.
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(Suomenkielinen versio)

January 2013, Alpe d'Huez, France; Val d'Isere, France
Skiing (Snow, Outdoor, Underground, Lifts); Skiing (Snow, Outdoor, Underground, Lifts); Caving (Man-Made); Caving (Rock, Rock-Limestone, Skiing)

Underground biking in Maastricht
Biking underground, in a cave/mine? Why not when that's available! And in Maastricht it was!
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July 2010, Sibbergroeve, Valkenburg, Netherlands
Biking (Bike-Mountain, Underground); Urban-Exploration (Mines); Caving (Man-Made, Biking, Rock, Rock-Marble)

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