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Kattilajärvi cave walk with Jarmo
Last winter I explored the far reaches of the Kattilajärvi on snow shoes, and found several new small caves. But also ran out of time to explore them further, and the heavy snow cover didn't make it easy to explore the boulder caves. I wanted to return during the summer, and now Jarmo and I hiked around the Lippukallio are east of Kattilajärvi. And wow, many new small caves, and we realized one of the boulder caves I had seen in the winter was actually quite big. Three levels, complex maze, shaky moving boulders... nice!
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June 2021, Lippukallion lippaluola, Nuuksio, Espoo, Finland; Lippukallion lohkareluola 1, Nuuksio, Espoo, Finland; Lippukallion lohkareluola 2, Nuuksio, Espoo, Finland; Lippukallion minilippaluolanen, Nuuksio, Espoo, Finland; Lippukallion halkeamakololuolanen, Nuuksio, Espoo, Finland; Lippukallion kiipeilyhalkeamaluola, Nuuksio, Espoo, Finland; Lippukallion pieni lohkarehalkeamaluola, Nuuksio, Espoo, Finland; Lippukallion kallionsisuksen halkeamaluola, Nuuksio, Espoo, Finland; Lippukallion halkeaman päätykololuolanen, Nuuksio, Espoo, Finland; Lippukallion rapautumislippaluola, Nuuksio, Espoo, Finland
Caving (Basic, Rock, Surveying, Rock-Gneiss)

First 3D modelling of Lummelunda Grottan
Earlier this week I visited the caver's camp in Lummelunda in Gotland. What a wonderful event, happy to be able to go there again! One of things I did was to see if I could build a 3D model of the cave using LiDAR in the newest iPhones. I was able to start the project at least, here are some early results of the 450 meters or so that I modelled.
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June 2021, Lummelunda, Gotland, Sweden
Caving (Basic, Rock, Rock-Limestone, Equipment, Surveying)

Saunalahti hole
I was originally going to explore bigger caves in Nuuksio this weekend with Jarmo, but I forgot that I was dogsitting Olli's dog while they were moving. I couldn't take the dog to long hike and boulder fields, so ended up doing nice walks in the seafront during the weekend. One of those walks to go see the Saunalahti hole, a small crystallization hole in an otherwise solid ground rock.
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May 2021, Saunalahden onkalo, Espoo, Finland
Caving (Basic, Rock, Morphology-Crystallization, Rock-Gneiss)

Herttoniemi boulder underside
While visiting (again) the secret Margarine factory tunnel, I came across a small boulder cavelet in Herttoniemi.
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May 2021, Herttoniemen kivenalus, Helsinki, Finland
Caving (Basic, Morphology-Boulders, Rock, Rock-Gneiss)

Avalanche transceivers as cave location devices?
A while ago, Bo Lenander asked a question in the Swedish Caver's Association if avalanche transceivers could be used as cave location beacons. As I have such transceivers, I started looking into this...
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May 2021, Torholan luola, Lohja, Finland
Caving (Basic, Surveying, Rock, Rock-Limestone, Equipment)

3D Model of the Torhola Cave
Digitalisation of caves is proceeding! :-) I now have the first model from a bit larger cave, the Torhola cave in Lohja, southern Finland. This cave is Finland's largest karst cave, with around 100 meters of complex tunnels on 3-4 levels.
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May 2021, Torholan luola, Lohja, Finland
Caving (Surveying, Researching, Equipment, Basic, Rock, Rock-Limestone)

First cross section from a 3D model
I've been trying constructing 3D models from few caves with the LiDAR sensors in iPhone. While I've been able to rotate these models on screen easily, I also wanted to see whether I could construct more traditional maps from these models. But it has been a big learning curve to use the 3D modelling software. Today, with the help of Olli, I finally managed to make my first cross section of a cave model in Blender.
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April 2021, Pääluola, Rokokallio, Vihti, Finland
Caving (Surveying, Basic, Rock, Rock-Granite, Morphology-Boulders)

Looking for caves in Lohja's Linnanmäki in Karstu
The evening's excursion was to Lohja's Karstu area, in search of caves. The Linnanmäki is a high hill and cliff in Karstu, and the book Suomen Luolat notes that there are two caves on the hill. One was supposed to be inaccessible without climbing equipment. But as usual, the coordinates were inaccurate, so I ended up going around the entire hill, and I think found the other cave plus four other small roof/shelter caves.
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March 2021, Karstun Linnanmäen luola 1, Lohja, Finland; Karstun Linnanmäen luola 2, Lohja, Finland; Karstun Linnanmäen luola 3, Lohja, Finland; Karstun Linnanmäen luola 4, Lohja, Finland; Karstun Linnanmäen luola 5, Lohja, Finland; Karstun Linnanmäen luola 6, Lohja, Finland; Karstun Linnanmäen louhos, Lohja, Finland
Caving (Basic, Rock, None); Caving (Basic, Surveying, Rock, Rock-Granite, Morphology-Erosion); Caving (Basic, Surveying, Rock, Rock-Granite, Morphology-Crack); Urban-Exploration (Quarries)

Grottberget cave
I wanted to get some exercise, and ended up walking 3-4 hours on snowshoes in Siuntio. I always need a 2nd goal for such trips, however, and this time it was to visit the Grottberget cave, and see if any of the surrounding cliff areas have additional caves.
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March 2021, Grottbergetin luola, Siuntio, Finland; Grottbergetin pikkukolo, Siuntio, Finland; Grottbergetin kivenalus, Siuntio, Finland
Caving (Basic, Surveying, Rock, Rock-Granite, Morphology-Crystallization); Caving (Basic, Surveying, Rock, Rock-Granite, Morphology-Crack); Caving (Basic, Surveying, Rock, Rock-Granite, Morphology-Boulders)

Korpikylä boulder cave
Korpikylä ("Remote Village") is a region in Hyrylä. I was stopping in Hyrylä for other reasons, and looked on the map for an interesting place to go snowshoeing in. Korpikylä fit the bill, and after some searching for a parking place I headed out for a two-hour nice hike in snowy forest.
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March 2021, Korpikylän lohkaresuoja, Hyrylä, Tuusula, Finland; Korpikylän leikkaus, Hyrylä, Tuusula, Finland; Korpikylän rakennelma, Hyrylä, Tuusula, Finland
Snowshoeing (Basic); Snowshoeing (Basic); Snowshoeing (Basic); Caving (Basic, Rock, Rock-Gneiss, Surveying); Urban-Exploration (Railway, Military); Urban-Exploration (Buildings)

Kauniainen cave with a view
Cave of the sunset! I guess this just goes to show that no matter how well you know something, there are things you don't yet know. I did a snowshoes hike between Kauniainen and the Glims museum area, and came across a new cave!
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March 2021, Auringonlaskun luola, Kauniainen, Finland
Snowshoeing (Basic); Caving (Rock, Basic, Rock-Gneiss, Surveying)

More Kauniainen cave maps and 3D models
I spent Sunday biking and walking in Kauniainen's forests, mainly in the Kasavuori ("pile mountain") area. I wanted to visit a couple of small holes there are in the cracks and boulders of the rocky landscape on this "mountain". And draw a couple of simple maps about them, and use my new iPhone 12 Pro to record 3D models.
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March 2021, Auringonlaskun luola, Kauniainen, Finland; Stockmannin Luola 1, Kauniainen, Finland; Kauniaisten luola 6, Kauniainen, Finland
Caving (Rock, Basic, Surveying, Rock-Gneiss, Morphology-Boulders, Morphology-Crack); Caving (Rock, Basic, Surveying, Rock-Gneiss, Morphology-Boulders); Caving (Rock, Basic, Surveying, Rock-Gneiss, Morphology-Crack);

New cave (sort of) in Kauniainen
While cataloguing Kauniainen's tiny caves (if one can call them that), I came across another one. A small tunnel between two boulders. The tunnel part is maybe 3 meters (though with a small crack at the top for some part of that).
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March 2021, Kahden kiven luola, Kauniainen, Finland
Caving (Rock, Basic, Surveying, Rock-Gneiss, Morphology-Boulders)

LiDAR 3D modelling caves and bunkers
I continued my earlier underground tests with iPhone 12 Pro's LiDAR sensor and software. This time I started testing the 3D modelling software. Can we produce an accurate 3D model of a cave using these sensors and software?
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February 2021, Högberget, Kirkkonummi, Finland; Ansabunkkeri, Siuntio, Finland
Caving (Rock, Basic, Equipment); Urban-Exploration (Bunkers, Equipment)

Högberget in LiDAR
We visited the Högberget cave today, to test drive the LiDAR sensor in the iPhone that got today. Pretty interesting!
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February 2021, Högberget, Kirkkonummi, Finland
Caving (Basic, Rock-Gneiss, Morphology-Erosion, Equipment)

New Kattilajärvi caves
I was hiking around on my snow shoes, going around lake Kattilajärvi in Nuuksio. I was there for the sake of a nice walk in the winter weather, but also wanted to check out the many cliffs for possible caves. I've been here before, and saw for instance a wonderful roof cave. But then I came across a big cliff with a number of caves, not reported by others as far as I can tell.
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February 2021, Kattilajärven pikkukolo, Nuuksio, Espoo, Finland; Lippukallion lippaluola, Nuuksio, Espoo, Finland; Lippukallion lohkareluola 1, Nuuksio, Espoo, Finland; Lippukallion lohkareluola 2, Nuuksio, Espoo, Finland
Caving (Basic, Morphology-Boulders, Rock, Rock-Granite, Surveying); Caving (Basic, Rock, Rock-Granite, Surveying)

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